Sync Hard

Protect against file transfer corruption.

Download for Mac

The free download is fully functional except that it will only sync folders on the same drive. Soon Sync Hard will be open source and the free download will be fully functional.



Sync Hard will perform multiple sync jobs at the same time so it can copy/transfer as much data as you can throw at it. It will also resume interrupted transfers so you never have to worry about starting a copy over.


When a sync job is complete, the optional verify step will generate a fingerprint of every file to ensure that your transfer was a success.



You'll get detailed reporting so you can come back at any time to verify the integrity of your data.


Each sync job can have multiple steps including the sync itself, recursive checksum generation for the original and copied folders, and finally verification that the original and copied folders match.

Green lights mean your all good, red lights indicate an issue of some kind. You no longer have to manually compare file sizes, Sync Hard does that for you.

jobs completed screenshot

Settings let you customize how Sync Hard should behave. settings screenshot